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Diabetes affects almost every family in Lebanon. Your donation helps us improve research, implement programs, and advance advocacy. Together we control the rise of diabetes!


The moving force behind our work is our network of volunteers, their families and caregivers, a professional society, as well as our staff and board members. We're all united to control the rise of diabetes.

Whether assisting at events, gathering information, administrative office work, or supporting patients, there are numerous areas in which you could take part. As a volunteer you can join DiaLeb’s mission to prevent, manage and cure diabetes while enhancing the lives of those affected by this ever-growing disease.


Join our Whatsapp support group

Our Whatsapp group is a supportive community for adults living with Type 1 Diabetes.! Whether you're newly diagnosed or a seasoned veteran, this group is your virtual home for sharing experiences, seeking advice, and finding solidarity on your journey with T1D.

Within our chat, you'll find a diverse range of individuals who understand the daily challenges and triumphs of managing diabetes. From navigating insulin dosages to dealing with blood sugar fluctuations, we're here to offer empathy, guidance, and encouragement whenever you need it.

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Partner with DiaLeb and join us to fight diabetes and improve the lives of all people affected by the disease in Lebanon. Whether it be through providing free diabetes management tools, necessary materials and personnel, funds, or in-kind support, fundraising can play a key role in our awareness events that help further our mission to prevent, manage and control diabetes.




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