Adopt a Patient

Every person living with diabetes deserves to be able to access his/her medication in a continuous manner.  Hence, adopt a patient is a program created by DiaLeb under its #DiabetesMedication4ALL initiative in order for donors to adopt a patient by sponsoring their monthly cost of diabetes medication. 
Through your support, we can ensure the sustainability of the initiative and a better care for those living with diabetes.


Medical Supply Cost:

328000 L.L / Month

is an only child. She lost both her parents and is living with her friends in Nahr Ibrahim. She is 34 years old and has been living with type 1 diabetes since she was 4 years old. She is unemployed and lives out of charity.


Medical Supply Cost:

285000 L.L / Month

Approximately 3 years ago, Elie suffered an accident that left him semi-paralyzed. Elie, 36 years old, has been living with type 1 diabetes and comes from a family of 3 that are all living with type 2 diabetes. He has been unemployed since his accident and lives with his family in Mount Lebanon. 


Medical Supply Cost:

416000 L.L / Month

Zeinab is a 16 year old teenager that comes from a family of 6 members living in Jabal Mohsen, the North of Lebanon. Her father is in a wheelchair and only 1 family member is working. Zeinab has been living with type 1 diabetes since 2013


Medical Supply Cost:

206000 L.L / Month

Saad from Koubba, North of Lebanon has been living with type 2 diabetes since 2000 and is 53 years old. He is unemployed, lives alone and he gets his basic needs for living from charity associations.


Medical Supply Cost:

255000 L.L / Month

Salwa from Yaroun, the South of Lebanon is 60 years old. She has no family and doesn’t own a house. She has been living with type 2 diabetes. 


Medical Supply Cost:

116000 L.L / Month

Nicolas, 68 years old has been living with type 2 diabetes since 1990. As a result of uncontrolled diabetes he lost his eye sight. He is unemployed and only 1 family member out of the 5 is employed. 

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