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Our Programs

Through our Community Awareness Program, we partner with municipalities across Lebanon to put together educational events with guest speakers from the medical and nutrition fields and motivational speeches from current diabetes patients in order to promote better lifestyle choices and healthy habits. Free diabetes testing, educational material, and sometimes HbA1C is provided free of cost to all the attendees.

There is no better learning medium than the classroom, which is one of the best places to promote awareness and stimulate behavioral change. As such, the school and university lecture series are key components of “diabetes in the classroom” a core program offered by DiaLeb. We work in collaboration with different schools and universities in Lebanon to put together educational awareness sessions with guest speakers from the medical and nutrition fields. Each school is then offered a glucose meter for their infirmary along with educational material for the students.
At universities, DiaLeb provides special training sessions to the students in the field of nutrition. The goal of these sessions is to specifically focus on dietary needs for diabetes patients, including insulin ratio calculations and more importantly advanced carbohydrate counting. This is not something which is mandatory in the curriculum and as such provides students with important knowledge to help them manage their future diabetes patients. As in other events free diabetes testing is provided.

DiaLeb welcomes students from several universities such as AUB, LAU, UOB, USEK, and NDU to complete a 4-8 weeks community internship program. Students graduating in the field of nutrition, public health, and/or communications take part in an internship at DiaLeb. During this time, the interns are exposed to community service and learn how to operate and manage a not-for-profit association. In addition, they are able to expand on their knowledge by engaging in research and providing DiaLeb with ideas for enhancing its community outreach strategy and programs. Our interns participate in all aspects of DiaLeb’s work, from planning, attending and following up on events.


    Patient Education and support group sessions:

    Patients are one our main concerns. To empower them to live better with Diabetes, DiaLeb delivers several workshops/trainings related to different subjects including nutrition, psychology, sports and fitness to help individuals with diabetes to control blood sugar and better manage diabetes.

  2. DiaLeb Summer Camp:

    The summer camp is a yearly activity held in collaboration with a municipality to support type 1 diabetes patients. This full day activity brings together patients and includes casual educational talks held by professionals, exercise sessions in nature patient support group sessions and more, all while exploring a new region in Lebanon every time.

Continuous education is key when it comes to diabetes prevention and management thus, our educational workshops target professionals from the network of diabetes case such as: nurses, healthcare providers, physicians, nutritionists, fitness experts

The role of maintaining an active lifestyle in both preventing type 2 diabetes and managing diabetes cannot be highlighted enough.
To continuously raise public awareness on the benefits of physical activity in preventing diabetes, DiaLeb organizes and participates in various sports activities.

  1. Beirut Marathon

    We actively participate in the annual Beirut Marathon races where we partner with an educational or corporate institution. Our booth contains healthy snacks and education materials regarding diabetes which are offered to all who pass by. In addition, free glucose testing is provided at our DiaLeb booth.

On November 14, World Diabetes Day, people with diabetes, health professionals, diabetes advocates, media, governments and the public across the globe unite in spreading the message about diabetes and raising awareness about the condition.
During the month of November, DiaLeb organizes diabetes workshops and awareness campaigns in collaboration with several institutions. During these events, we spread nutrition, diabetes and sports information, free blood glucose and HbA1c tests and diabetes educational materials in different areas of the country.

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