DiaLeb's first awareness session

Launching its awareness activities, The National Diabetes Organization “DiaLeb” held its first speaker event entitled “Diabetes and its effects on women and pregnancy” on September 23, 2011 at Al Yarz Leisure Club.

Political, diplomatic and social personalities attended the event. Dr. Jackie Maalouf, president of DiaLeb opened the discussion with a presentation about the mission and objectives of the organization, as well as its plans for the near future. 

Dr. Ghulmiyah presented highly valuable information about the types of diabetes, its prevalence in the community in general and focused on its effects on women and pregnancy in particular. Then Mrs. Sylvie Issa, managing director of DiaLeb shared her experience with type 1 diabetes and how she went through her first pregnancy. The doctor-patient exchange proved to be very engaging and provided the audience with different perspectives on living and managing diabetes.

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