IDF Global Congress

Despite the difficult situation that Lebanon has been undergoing lately, the National Diabetes Organization (DiaLeb) participated at the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Global Conference held on Dec 2-6 ,2019 in Busan, South Korea. 

Dr. Jackie Kassouf, president and founder of DiaLeb, Christine Maalouf, youth coordinator and communications consultant, and Nassif Kalaany, active member and volunteer, represented Dialeb and Lebanon.

Nassif attended an intensive training conducted by the Young Leaders for Diabetes (YLD) program. 

The conference started with the regional MENA meeting where all members unanimously voted Dr. Mohamad Sandid as chair elect. It is the first time that this position goes to someone from Lebanon. 

The elections at a global level happened during the General Assembly where Dr. Andrew Bolton took possession of his position as president of IDF and Dr. Akhtar Hussein was elected as president elect.

Dialeb’s participation was very active through a booth at the Global Village in which information about our programs was displayed and our latest Dialeb Review magazine distributed. Moreover, two posters were exhibited and one poster presentation was performed by Christine who discussed Dialeb’s 2018 #BlueandRedforDiabetes campaign.

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