Beirut, Lebanon – June 13, 2024 – On the occasion of Global Fatty Liver Day, the National Diabetes Organization- DiaLeb, in partnership with Beirut Arab University (BAU) successfully organized a comprehensive screening campaign titled "Diabetes and Liver Diseases ," held at Orange Nassau Hospital in Tripoli, North Lebanon.

"Following this year’s theme 'Act Now, Screen Today,' we emphasize the urgency of taking proactive steps in managing one's health," shared Dr. Jackie Maalouf, Founder and President of DiaLeb. It is through joint collaborations and partnerships that we can contribute to the prevention and early detection of non-communicable diseases (NCDs).”

This event raised awareness and provided free health screenings for diabetes and liver diseases including 50 hepatic enzyme tests, 220 lipid profiles, 600 fasting blood glucose tests, and 40 HbA1c, drawing significant participation from the general public. Individuals who were identified as high risk were referred to medical professionals for follow up. 

Studies have shown that non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is the main cause of ongoing liver conditions, and having type 2 diabetes serves as a major predictor., 

DiaLeb is proud to partner with Global Liver Institute for the 4th year in a row to shed light on the relationship between diabetes and liver diseases.



About the National Diabetes Organization - DiaLeb:
The National Diabetes Organization, DiaLeb is a non-for-profit organization founded in 2011 which aims to promote diabetes care and prevention and support research in search for a cure. To do so, DiaLeb works to promote healthy lifestyles and spread awareness about diabetes in order to make living with the disease more manageable for all those affected and their families. 

Our vision is to “Stop the rise of diabetes and improve the quality of life of diabetes patients through educational awareness and information sharing, ensuring access to quality healthcare and life-saving medication, and promoting a holistic healthcare approach."
DiaLeb has been a member of the UN Global Compact Network Lebanon (GCNL) since 2015, the International Diabetes Federation since 2016, World Patients Alliance since December 2020, and Catalyst 2030 since 2021.

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