My dietetic internship at DiaLeb has been the most fulfilling and motivating experience of my life. During the last four months, I have learned a lot about the operation of a sustainable non-governmental organization. I also learned how to edit and maintain a website and how to be creative when developing posts on social media channels. I equally enjoyed the teamwork and the positive work environment at DiaLeb. Moreover, I was impressed by Dr. Jackie’s optimism, energy and mentorship. She offers her knowledge and expertise, shows positivity and enthusiasm, and provides me with honest and constructive feedback. We would always sit together to discuss certain topics and develop new ideas. I have a strong background in nutrition, which helped me with content creation, research, and media outreach. This internship challenged me in several ways. I found myself participating in activities I had never considered doing, and in some cases avoided. I made sure I worked hard, earned my place and I wasn’t scared to get involved where it was suitable. I attended conferences where I met motivational speakers from various fields. I also discovered the upsides and downsides of working in a local non-profit organization, and came to the conclusion that it is a multifaceted, interesting and challenging job, that requires a lot of social skills and can lead to a satisfactory career path. Doing an internship at DiaLeb was one of the best decisions I have ever made, both professionally and personally, and it is an experience that I will value forever.