The National Diabetes Organization - Dialeb and the Lebanese Medical Students' International Committee - LeMSIC are happy to share that a Memorandum of Understanding - MoU was signed on the 4th of May 2021 with the aim of spreading awareness on diabetes and advocating for better diabetes management in Lebanon. 

Dr. Jackie Maalouf, President & Founder of DiaLeb states: “Medical students make up the future of our country. It is through collaborations and support that we are able to further carry on with our mission and support our community. We look forward to working with the young professionals at LeMSIC as we raise awareness about  prevention and management of diabetes .”

LeMSIC has been involved this term in many activities and initiatives around diabetes, with DiaLeb, being the main stakeholder working side by side with our members. It is true that a great impact was achieved, but this does not mean that our work on diabetes has ended. 

“As medical students, it is crucial to take it upon ourselves to raise awareness and ensure the prevention of medical conditions such as diabetes. Through the support from DiaLeb, we were able to accomplish a lot more than we expected in our campaign. We are extremely hopeful to achieve so much more with this collaboration through constantly educating everyone whether they are people living with or are at risk of developing diabetes, students, adults, older population, athletes, refugees, domestic workers and every other person” says Abed Borghol, Local Public health officer at LeMSIC

This agreement will enable both organizations to provide better care for people living with diabetes in Lebanon.

Together we control Diabetes!