DiaLeb's 1st Annual Fundraising Gala Dinner

On November 17, 2011, the National Diabetes Organization, DiaLeb, a newly established non-for-profit organization focused on diabetes, held its first Annual Fundraising Gala Dinner under the patroange of His Excellency Minister of Health, Mr. Ali Hassan Khalil. The dinner took place at the Dubai Hall of the Metropolitan Hotel in Sin El Fil, and was attended by several political, diplomatic and social personalities as well as many profesional of the field. Dr. Jackie Kassouf Maalouf, President and Founder of DiaLeb welcomed all the guests and thanked them for their generous support of DiaLeb. HE Minister of Health, Mr. Ali Hassan Khalil spoke to attendees about the importance of such patient association in promoting awareness and enhancing the life of patients in Lebanon. Mrs. Sylvie Maalouf Issa, Managing Director gave a brief overview of DiaLeb, its mission and objectives, and described its recent activities and future program for 2012. Finally, Ms. Hera Eid gave a short personal story of her life with diabetes and the importance of the presence of an association like DiaLeb in providing patients with the support and help they need.The Gala Dinner included a good entertainment program. DiaLeb has put together an ambitious program and the organization is committed to bringing awareness to this disease which affects so many in Lebanon and the world.

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