Our 2nd Diabetes Summer camp was held at Baabdate on Sunday 25 September, 2016. This camp was organized for type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients in collaboration with Baabdate municipality. The President, Dr. Hicham Labaki, along with members of the municipal council welcomed the participants of Dialeb and joined us to visit historic places in Baabdate with very enriching information about the places. Dr. Jackie Maalouf thanked the municipality and the healthcare professionals for their collaboration Many professionals joined effort with DiaLeb team and offered tips for a quality of life. First, the participants did warm up exercises with fitness expert, Pearl Maalouf, with basic yoga postures and breathing techniques. Then, they practiced some mixing cardio and strength exercises offered fitness expert Robert Maalouf who also gave easy home workout. During the lunch, the endocrinologist Dr. Ghada Ballane explained how to avoid the complications of diabetes and gave indications on how to avoid them. Dr. Nancy Nakhoul, also endocrinologist, shed the light on the A1C and how to control it. The ophthalmologist, Dr. Roger Choueiri, focused on the eye complications and the treatment available. At the end, dietitian Christelle Awkar highlighted the importance of exercise for diabetes and how diet is a key factor to control blood sugar.

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