Lilly - DiaLeb Session 1 ( Eating Healthy & Staying Active)

DiaLeb in collaboration with the diabetes educators of Lilly Diabetes, organized a patient education session on 21 December ,2012 using the highly interactive Diabetes Conversation Map Tool. Diabetes Conversations is a patient-focused program developed to improve patient undrestanding, self-management and enhance patient-healthcare professional interaction. The sessions are given to a small group of around 6-8 patients which have relevant similar backgrounds. The topic of the map used in this session was "Eating Healthy and staying active" . The group setting and interactive discussion provides the fexibility to discuss the topics that are most relevant to the participants. Hearing the challenges and successes of other participants allow persons living with diabetes to recognize that they are not alone on this journey and empowers them to build confidence and take ownership of their diabetes management.  

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