Advanced Carbohydrate Counting Session at the Lebanese University-Fanar

Advanced Carbohydrate Counting Session at the Lebanese University

DiaLeb held in collaboration with Dr. Afife Bernadette Mounayar (Lebanese University) an advanced carbohydrate counting session for masters students (M1 and M2) in nutrition. The event took place on Tuesday February 19, 2013 at the faculty of sciences at the Lebanese University, Fanar and was attended by almost 30 nutritionists. The program included an overview about DiaLeb and its future activities presented by Dr. Jackie Maalouf, president of DiaLeb followed by our awareness program coordinator / nutritionist Miss Layal Al Hanna who presented the different approaches for a successful carbohydrate counting. Miss Al Hanna emphasized on the importance of nutrition in diabetes management and presented a case study for analysis. The Q&A session that followed the event was lively and free glucose testing sponsored by Acchuchek was performed to all attendees

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