Awareness session at Sagesse High School (SHS) - Ain Saade

DiaLeb kicked-off its "School Lecture Series", a main part of its awareness program, with a presentation at Sagesse High School (SHS), Ain Saade. Cossette Fakih, MsC, LD, AUB made two separate presentations to students of the Intermediate and Secondary Divisions. During the lectures, which were directed to a full auditorium of students, Ms. Fakih explained what diabetes is, the different types, how it is diagnosed, and how it is managed and treated. She also focused on good nutrition practices that can help prevent the onset of diabetes, and provided the students with key steps to begin leading a healthier lifestyle. Students were interested and engaged, and the prolonged Q@A session demonstrated this. The students interacted with the speaker at the end of the session and gave very positive feedback, acknowledging the importance of DiaLeb's initiative.

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