Diabetes, Prevention and Management at AUST Zahle

DiaLeb organized a diabetes awareness session on November 26, 2018 at AUST Campus Zahle. Dr. Jackie Maalouf, Founder and President of DiaLeb, introduced the audience to DiaLeb’s work and activities. Endocrinologist Dr. Judith Skaf then talked about the types, symptoms, complications and treatment of diabetes. The session ended with a nutrition presentation focusing on the importance of healthy eating for the prevention of diabetes presented by Dietitian Ms. Romy Chibany. Following the session, free glucose testing and HbA1c tests were offered and educational materials (Brochures, Flyers and magazines) were distributed to all the attendees. Glucose meters were also given for free to people with diabetes. The event was covered by local televisions and radios. This event was in collaboration with the National Volunteer Service Program (NVSP), the Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA), the World Bank, AUST and Mouvement des Jeunes d’Orient.

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