As part of its ongoing mission in promoting diabetes prevention and management, DiaLeb in collaboration with Lebanese Scout Association Zahle 3 and Mouvement Des Jeunes d'Orient organized an awareness event at the Chamber of Commerce in Zahle on April 28, 2018. Charbel Chibany offered awards to all the speakers on behalf of the Scout. Dr. Jackie Maalouf gave a brief overview about DiaLeb. After that, endocrinologist Dr. Judith Skaff talked about the types, symptoms, prevention and treatment of diabetes. Dietitian Ms. Reem Hanna spoke about the importance of healthy balanced eating for the prevention and treatment of diabetes. In addition, Dr. Souhad Lawand offered eye examination to people with high blood sugar. Blood glucose screening, courtesy of One Touch, was performed to over 200 attendees, glucose meters were delivered to people with type 2 diabetes. Educational brochures and magazines were also distributed.

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