As part of its ongoing mission in promoting diabetes prevention and management, DiaLeb in collaboration with Parents association organized an event entitled “Diabetes: Prevention and Control” at the College Des Soeurs Du Rosaire on April 13, 2018. Dr. Jackie Maalouf talked about DiaLeb and the importance of awareness in preventing and controlling diabetes. After that, Ms. Lina Farhat, dietitian at Dialeb, spoke about the importance of healthy balanced eating for the prevention and treatment of diabetes. Dr. Souhad Lawand, specialist ophthalmologist, explained about the necessity of regular eye check-up in people with diabetes and offered eye examination with the latest technology. Blood glucose screening, courtesy of One Touch, was performed to the attendees, glucose meters were offered to people with type 2 diabetes. Special thanks to Mother Aline Barakat, Mr. Simon Nohra, Mr. Andre Kassaifi and Dr. Souhad Lawand for making this event a success!

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