Our project The Run Dialeb-LMT came to a great ending when our champion Avedis Kalpaklian finalized his run of 452 km, he was welcomed by a standing ovation from the attendance at Jdeidet Marjaayoun Municipality. A very successful event was held in collaboration with the Marjaoun Municipality at the municipality palace. A great attendance of over 120 people benefited from a lecture given by Dr. Jackie Maalouf, Endocrinologist Dr. Ziad Awad and Ophthalmologist Dr. Youssef Deaibes to raise awareness about diabetes. A glucose testing was performed and glucose meters were delivered to patients courtesy of One Touch. Also several attendees benefited from HBA1C testing. This event was covered by LBCI, New TV, Noursat TV. A special thanks to Arope Insurance for providing Avedis Kalpaklian's running expenses.

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