Last event of 2013 at Jbeil الجمعية اللبنانية لتكريم الاب - جبيل

DiaLeb awareness session at Sagesse School Jdeideh To conclude with its program for 2013, DiaLeb, in collaboration with "AL Jam3yat Al Loubnaniyat Litakrim Al Abb" organized an awareness session on Dec 19. After the introduction by Dr. Nawal Abi Chedid president of the organization and Dr. Jackie Maalouf, founding president at DiaLeb, our guest speaker Dr. Joseph Abi Chedid highlighted the types, symptoms and risk factors of diabetes emphasizing on women with diabetes having children and gestational diabetes. Ms. Christelle Awkar, nutritionist and awareness program coordinator at DiaLeb, gave helpful nutrition tips and explained the importance of healthy nutrition and sports to fight diabetes. The event included glucose testing to over 60 attendees, and 10 Contour TS glucose meters courtesy of Bayer, were delivered to people with diabetes from the attendance.

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