Rotary Baabda- Hilton

DiaLeb awareness session at Sagesse School Jdeideh As a part of our community awareness program and in collaboration with the “Rotary club Baabda”, DiaLeb held an event at the Hilton Metropolitan hotel – Beirut. The session started with an introduction by Dr. Jackie Maalouf about DiaLeb and the importance of awareness in the community. Our guest speaker, Dr. Maya Barake, Endocrinologist, explained the types, symptoms and diagnosis of Diabetes, and emphasized on the importance of prevention & good management. Ms. Christelle Awkar, nutritionist, presented healthy nutrition tips and highlighted the importance of a balanced nutrition in preventing diabetes. The event was well attended by over 80 members of the Rotary Club Baabda and guests. A free glucose testing and 12 glucose meters were offered by Bayer® to people with diabetes type 2.

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