Wellness Coaching A New Strategy that Improves People with Health Challenges to Live the Healthiest Life Possible

Rasha Jadayel, RPh, MBA
Life and Business Co-Active Coach
Owner Pharmacy Rasha Jadayel, Beirut, Lebanon

Are you diabetic, sitting in the back seat, allowing diabetes to take control of your life?

Do you feel that you are a victim, emotionally stuck, and cannot take charge of your own life?

Have you ever felt that there is a gap between what you have planned with your healthcare provider and what you are actually doing?

Well, wellness coaching can solve this gap!


So, what is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness coaching is the art and science of health promotion using the life coaching methodology. Life coaching is a non-judgmental, non-violent conversation. A combination of coaching psychology, behavior change and positive psychology,by which a person can move towards desired goals in a fulfilled manner by encourage changing old habits and acquire new challenging ones.

To achieve such an environment, coaches do listening more than talking, asking more than telling, and more reflecting than commenting. Coaches don’t advise clients on how to solve a problem such as how to achieve good blood sugar and HbA1c levels, nor educate clients about what they should do, or how to take medications, nor analyze the root-causes of the client problem. Coaches together with the client collaborate and co-create a new way of thinking that represents theirbest-fulfilled journey.


How does Wellness Coaching Work?

The first session is a long detailed brainstorming discovery session based on a medical questionnaire to establish a clear idea where the client is on his/her journey. This assessment is an efficient approach to self-discovery and self-awareness.  After this session, the coach helps the client to come up with a wellness journey where the coach helps the client to come up with a wellness vision. A big picture of what the client imagines their best self to be in the near future. This is followed by identifying limiting beliefs, as well as motivators, that work best with the client. This part is very subjective for every client has his own limitations and motives.

Then, in every follow-up session, realistic and SMART (Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely) goals are set by the client, and the coach tries to stretch and motivate the client.

Self-confidence and self-esteem grows with each successful milestone.


Who would benefit from a Wellness Coaching?

Wellness coaching is not just for those who are heath challenged. It is for anyone who is looking forward to having a better quality of life and kick away diseases resulting from sedentary life style, such as diabetes, heart problems, obesity. A wellness coach can help reduce stress, take advantage of your own strength and talents.



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