People with diabetes require a solid support system to make dealing with and managing their diabetes an easier task. This support can include different kinds of people.



Every person is different, and not all treatments work the same on everybody. Therefore, people with diabetes must see a doctor who can help them learn about their diabetes and find the best way for them to manage it. However, having a doctor, is not always enough. A team of professionals can help improve diabetes management.

Such a team may include (among others):

  • a physician (internist, family doctor, or pediatrician)
  • an endocrinologist, a specialist in diabetes care
  • a dietitian
  • a registered nurse or diabetes educator
  • a podiatrist, for foot care
  • an ophthalmologist or an optometrist—for eye care

Support Group

Being part of a support group can have a tremendous impact on diabetes management. Sharing experiences with others having the same condition can help you overcome some obstacles you may face. It also helps others benefit and learn from your experience.


It is very important to have your family’s support. If you live at home especially it can be helpful for your spouse, mother, and other family members to learn the foods that are better for you and help you with carbohydrate counting.


Of course no one likes to bring out their personal issues as a topic of discussion, but informing friends can make dealing with and managing your diabetes easier. This is a personal decision; however having a trustworthy friend at your side can make the difficult times better.

At Work

It is important for your colleagues to be aware of your condition. You should not be ashamed or embarrassed. In the event of an emergency, such as a hypoglycemia episode, your co-workers must be prepared in order to know how to help. In addition, your boss should be aware of your condition, as you may need to take breaks to eat or check your sugar levels at times.

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